Swedish Dry Cleaners
Bournemouth Dry Cleaners with over 30 years experience


Dry cleaning story.

It’s was back in 1979 when we opened the first local Dry Cleaners in Moordown, we set up our shop right in the centre of Bournemouth in a great location being 751 Wimborne Road directly next to the bus stop and we have been here ever since day one. The store itself has been upgraded and modernised many times over the years to ensure we deliver the best service to our customers at all times.

Our commitment to sustainability.

Some would say that being a Bournemouth based Dry Cleaners for over 30 years is proof enough of our industry commitment and sustainability, but here at Swedish Dry Cleaners it doesn’t stop here, then we have regularly invested in our Dry cleaning capabilities and use the latest finishing equipment in the industry.

We’re part of the community.

There has always been a great sense of community spirit in Moordown, never more so than back in the seventies and eighties when we first launched the business. Over the years we have seen many people come and go and many things have changed too, but one thing that remains here at Swedish Dry Cleaners is our commitment to remaining a vital part of the vibrant and ever growing community around us.

We have always taken the time to get to know our clients some of which have been visiting our store since it’s launch back in 1979, in this busy world we live in today it is great to see both the new and our loyal clientbase come into our store as we continue the Swedish Dry Cleaners tradition of community spirit and we hope to remain a part of the community for many more years to come.